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Help Us Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary

The Hollin Hall Village Citizens Association (HHVCA) is planning a 75th anniversary celebration of the establishment of our neighborhood in 1943. We are planning to hold the celebration in early October, featuring live music, moon bounce, food trucks, face painting and other family-friendly activities.

Furthermore, we are creating a booklet to document the history of our neighborhood, with feature articles, pictures and interviews profiling the changes throughout the decades.

To be successful, we are seeking the help of ALL our residents, current and former, as well as our gracious local businesses and organizations.

This will be a legacy building moment for our neighborhood that you won’t want to miss!

To learn more about how you can help, please click on the following link for information about our request for pictures, stories, interviews and sponsorship opportunities: 75th Anniversary Flyer


Welcome to the Hollin Hall Village Citizens Association (HHVCA).  Our community of about 700 homes and businesses is located off of Fort Hunt Road (map) in the Mount Vernon District of Fairfax County, Virginia.

A citizens association is only as active and vibrant as its membership.  If you live in Hollin Hall Village and are not a member, please consider joining to ensure our community's concerns are heard at the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations (MVCCA) and with our district supervisor.  It is also a way for you to meet your neighbors, and learn about activities and events taking place in the community.  Membership is only $10 per year.  To join, complete and mail the membership form with your dues.

We normally hold meetings on the third Tuesday of every March, June, September, and November at the Hollin Hall Senior Center (2nd Floor) located at 1500 Shenandoah Road, starting at 7:15 p.m.  The November meeting is the official annual meeting required by the bylaws during which the budget is approved for the following year, and officers are elected every other year to two-year terms (the next elections will be in November, 2019).  All (members and non-members) are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

For a copy of the HHVCA bylaws, click here.


Renew Your Membership for 2018

As HHVCA membership is now done annually, unless you prepaid 2018, your membership has likely expired.  Renew your membership by mailing the membership form (address is on the form) with your dues.

For further information on the importance and benefits of membership, see the annual letter from the HHVCA president.

HHVCA 2018 Activities 

  • Tuesday, March 20: Quarterly meeting (Hollin Hall Senior Center)
  • Tuesday, June 19: Quarterly meeting
  • Tuesday, August 7: National Night Out Community Event
  • Sunday, October 7: 75th Anniversary Celebration (tentative date)
  • Tuesday, November 20: Quarterly meeting
The June Newsletter is now available

The May MVCCA Record is now available
There is one resolution scheduled to be voted on by the MVCCA at the December 30th meeting.  See the Record for more details.  If you wish to provide feedback as to how HHVCA should vote on this and future resolutions, send us an e-mail.

National Night Out (NNO) in August - Our fourth annual NNO will be held on August 7 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Mount Vernon Park. There will be children's activities with fire trucks and police vehicles, live music, and a food truck.  Check out the June 2018 newsletter for more details.

Hollin Hall Safety

Stay Safe!  Remember to:

- Please lock your vehicles.  As far as we know, all vehicles entered, including the one stolen, were unlocked.  

 - Please report any activity such as this to the police.  Many of these incidents go unreported.  If the police know what is going on in our area, they will increase their patrols. If they don't know what's happening, they don't know we may need help.  Please call the non-emergency number, 703-691-2131, or report it online at  www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/reportcrime/.  If you view a crime in progress, call 911.

 - Keep your porch light on at night and off during the day; keep the doors locked to your vehicle & home; ask a neighbor to pull in trash cans and papers if you are out of town; and don't hesitate to call the non-emergency police number if something doesn't look right to you.   

How do these activities make Hollin Hall a safer place to live?  All of the above are crimes of opportunity.  The more unlocked cars they find, the more they come back to our neighborhood.

Visit our Next Door and Neighborhood Watch websites for additional information.

Peddlers and Solicitors 
Did you know Fairfax County requires peddlers and solicitors be licensed before they solicit door to door? They may solicit only between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., and may not solicit at a residence which posts a "No Peddlers or Solicitors" sign.

Note: If a resident is supporting his/her neighborhood school, residents should post such a sign when their neighborhood booster club is not actively going door-to-door for their projects. Otherwise, the volunteers will not stop by their home.

A peddler or solicitor must show the license upon request and must leave the premises immediately if asked to leave.

Often solicitors will show customers an ID badge or some other document, claiming that they are licensed by Fairfax County when they are not.

When a solicitor knocks...
• Ask for his or her license.
• If they do not have a valid license, ask them to leave.
• Close and lock your door.
• Immediately call Fairfax County Police (non-emergency) at 703-691-2131 to report the violation.

The Fairfax County Solicitor's License is a laminated card that displays the solicitor's photograph, name, and personal information on the front side. The back side of the license displays the solicitor's business information and thumbprints. It is valid for one year from date of issue.




Hollin Hall Village Citizens Association
P.O. Box 7022
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